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Family, own business and second career - women in the industry can have it all 11/10/2013
An article about how women in the financial service industry in particular can manage both a successful career and a busy life.

Fantasy, IMF forecasts and real return investing 09/10/2013
Economic forecasts have a justified reputation for being useless. (Trust me as someone who once spent three years at a macroeconomic forecasting institute I think I can speak from first hand experience on this one). And given its forecasting record the forecasts produced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are probably worse than useless. So the news that it has again upgraded its 2013 UK growth forecast to 1.4 percent, the second time it has done so since April should be greeted with the usual amount of derision.

When it comes to investing, it is ‘good to be green' 03/10/2013
As energy efficiency, pollution control and the impact of fracking are all making the headlines, it’s been good to be green over the last year, with figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change showing a sharp rise in power coming from renewable energies, said The Association of Investment Companies (AIC).

IMs and bankers in buoyant mood CBI/PwC survey 02/07/2013
Investment managers and bankers have enjoyed a further improvement in sentiment, buoyed by strong improvement in revenues and profitability according to the 95th PwC/CBI financial services survey.

Compliance has replaced reputation as the top risk management concern, says PwC report 27/06/2013
While we keep being told the “green shoots of recovery” have been sighted in the economy, and that wealth and wealth creation is returning to pre-crash levels, anybody hoping to see a return to the status quo ante in terms of managing wealth are going to be disappointed.

Barclay's view from the North of UK 28/05/2013
Steve Thompson, head of Barclay's private banking operations in the North, is content with the size of the business and despite following a period of sustained expansion he is careful to leave the door open for the right candidate.

Fund managers have 12 months to save themselves - research 21/05/2013
Fund managers should expect the axe from discretionary managers if they fail to perform within the first 12 months of a mandate, according to CoreData’s DFM Research 2013 report.

New drugs means Biotech shares can deliver 03/04/2013
Biotechnology is well placed to offer strong returns according to David Pinninger investment manager with the International Biotechnology Trust.

London retains crown as top financial centre despite 'bad news' - survey 26/03/2013
London has retained its top financial centre title, despite a stream of bad news, according to the Global Financial Centre Index

What makes high net worth IT entrepreneurs tick - study 04/03/2013
A study into the interests and aspirations of Digital Entrepreneurs entrusting their money to wealth mangers and private bankers has found it is not all about the money for the sector.

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