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Are corporate actions being treated fairly? 22/04/2014
In the post-2008 shake up of the financial markets, the regulatory response continues to emphasise transparency, customer engagement and investor protections – and the UK’s FCA is no exception. Its ongoing focus on ‘client outcomes’ through the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) initiative has significant implications for the way firms provide information to end clients.

More bread and circuses 25/03/2014
First, pedantry corner: lower government borrowing and a smaller deficit do not mean less debt, they merely imply that the rate at which the government’s vast debt pile grows is slowing. It is still growing. But in a triumph of Orwellian doublespeak, the UK coalition government has managed to handily conflate ‘debt’ (the overall mountain of government borrowing) and ‘deficit’ (the shortfall between government revenues and expenditure in a given year), in much the same way that it has contrived to conflate tax ‘avoidance’ (which is entirely legal) with tax ‘evasion’ (which isn’t).

Abenomics: The easy part is over 24/03/2014

Investments, China and an obsessive compulsive disorder 19/03/2014
The two subjects discussed most in my blogs over the last year have been China and my obsessive compulsive disorder. For those few still sticking with us, you will be somewhat dismayed that I am returning to both in this blog.

Generating goodwill and efficiencies through client onboarding 18/03/2014
Onboarding new clients is arguably one of the most important tasks for any wealth management firm, second only to providing appropriate returns for the client’s portfolio.

Qatar –investors should not take fright 13/03/2014
Should investors be surprised by the latest diplomatic spat between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, cranked up another notch by talk of a blockade by Saudi Arabia?

The future of the global smartphone market 07/03/2014
The rapid increase in demand for mobile data is driving strong interest in advanced smartphones and tablets. According to Cisco, the global data carried over smartphones will surpass that delivered via laptops and netbooks in 2013. At the same time, a shift from mobile phones to smartphones is taking place. The share of smartphones in percentage of total mobile phone sales increased from 9.6 percent in Q1 2007 to 54.9 percent in Q3 2013.

Luxury brands benefit from the world's 'new economy' 04/03/2014
Growth in the luxury sector continues to outpace global GDP, with expected growth of seven to nine percent in 2014. In January, luxury stocks corrected on emerging market fears, and despite partial recovery in February, valuations are below historic averages. Importantly, fundamentals remain strong and the long-term growth story will continue.

Capex and wage growth in Japan is critical to creating a demand-driven inflation 18/02/2014
We believe that the Japanese market is well poised to continue its rally during 2014, albeit at a somewhat slower speed than the breakneck pace that characterised 2013. With this in mind, Japan remains our single largest area of exposure.

Qatari success is beginning to be recognised by investors 10/02/2014

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