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Rise of the robots - German wealth managers expect to lose ground to robo-advice 26/05/2016

Investors too dependent on index funds - Natixis research 25/05/2016
Investors should be cautious about becoming too overly-reliant on index funds in their search for diversification, the deputy chief executive of Natixis Global Asset Management has warned.

US high net worth women have a more 'cautious investment mindset' - survey 24/05/2016

'Big discrepancies' between firms' front office profitability - research 24/05/2016
There are "big discrepancies" between wealth management firms' front office profitability, according to research findings presented by Slaveya Ivanova of Parkwell Management Consultants at a seminar hosted by sister company ComPeer entitled ‘Optimising the Front Office’ (17/05/2016). Ms Ivanova responded to data on the performance of three categories of wealth management firms over a five year period. These were identified as top, median and worst performers (where firms are loss making).

What is keeping US millionaire investors awake at night? - survey 23/05/2016
Advisers need to recognise the personal concerns clients may have initially in order to track how financial advice needs might change due to personal matters, said investor research group Spectrem following the release of its latest study 'Financial Behaviors and the Investor’s Mindset'

US adviser-dependent millionaires less optimistic 20/05/2016
US millionaires who manage their own investments are more optimistic than those who depend on a financial adviser, the latest study from investor research group Spectrem has suggested.

Global impact investments 'thriving' - survey 20/05/2016

Wealth managers should put 'value of services' before 'investment value' 20/05/2016

Front office expenditure incommensurate with performance - Compeer 19/05/2016
The notion that greater investment in front office staff will result in higher profits for wealth management firms may be “counter-intuitive”, according to Compeer’s latest research. While a competitive pay packet is essential for attracting and retaining high quality staff – and therefore clients – stretching beyond the optimum levels is unlikely to reap the desired profit margins, findings revealed at Compeer’s Optimising the Front Office conference on Tuesday (17/05/2016) suggested.

Clients back private equity for best returns 2016, says J.P Morgan Private Bank survey 18/05/2016
A private client survey conducted by J.P. Morgan Private Bank found private equity is expected to be the best-performing asset class in 2016, while European equities is expected to take the lead over U.S. equities.

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