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Foreign Exchange
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Julius Baer to mitigate the impact of currency mismatches by cutting jobs and increasing efficiency 04/02/2015
The possible impact of a surging currency on Swiss private banks’ profits is a subject that will occupy analysts and commentators in the months ahead. The reality is that foreign-currency denominated assets account for a significant proportion of client assets at virtually of the big Swiss banks, especially Credit Suisse, Julius Baer and UBS. But most of these banks’ costs are denominated in Swiss francs. This mismatch between costs and revenue earning assets will almost certainly have a malign impact on profitability going forward, unless the Swiss franc’s appreciation is mitigated or reversed.

How asset allocators are responding to the dangers of currency volatility 27/01/2015
The recent move by the Swiss Central Bank to remove the cap on the country’s currency neatly highlighted the dilemma for asset allocators in the current environment: On the one hand, the current volatility in currency markets shows the dangers inherent in predicting the level of different currencies; on the other, it shows how profoundly currencies can impact investment returns.

Saxo Bank says could suffer Swiss franc trading losses of more than $100 million 26/01/2015
Saxo Bank, the Danish lender which specialises in interest rate and currency hedging brokerage on margin, faces potential losses of more than $107 million following the Swiss central bank's decision to allow its currency to float freely against the euro.

Lombard Odier starts charging clients negative interest on cash 21/01/2015
Lombard Odier is to charge private banking clients negative interest rates on cash balances over CHF 100,000 as a result of the Swiss National Bank decision to abandon the franc/euro cap and cut its own deposit rate.

Pity the poor Swiss! 20/01/2015
The decision of the Swiss National Bank to allow the Swiss franc to float freely against other currencies will have significant consequences, not least on the Swiss economy itself.

Julius Baer confident despite Swiss Franc turmoil 19/01/2015
Julius Baer has denied it has been negatively affected by the appreciation in the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Swiss franc rockets 30 percent as cap abandoned 15/01/2015
The Swiss franc soared 30 percent against the euro in frantic trading as the Swiss National Bank abandoned the country's cap on the currency's value against the single currency.

Forex trader who promised 'fantastic returns' guilty of fraud 12/01/2015
Forex trader Alex Hope has been found guilty of fraud, having previously admitted a charge of operating a collective investment scheme without authorisation on 23 April 2014.

Currency takes centre stage, says CEO 10/03/2014
Founded in 1988, the ECU Group plc offers solutions in currency and multi-asset investing, from currency overlay and debt management to manager selection and asset allocation advice.

Swiss regulator investigates possible manipulation of foreign currency exchange rates 04/10/2013
FINMA, the Swiss regulator, is investigating a number of Swiss financial institutions over alleged manipulation of foreign currency exchange rates.

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