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Enter the Twilight Zone and the buying opportunity of a lifetime 08:00 GMT
Very few UK-based investors have probably heard of David Iben, the founder of Tampa-based Kopernik Global Investors LLC and the manager of the Kopernik Global All-Cap Fund. Nonetheless, “The Twilight Zone” his latest commentary on global markets certainly provides an antidote to the “investment outlooks” that tend to dominate the financial media.

Asia is compelling despite ongoing divide in opinions – Liontrust 28/01/2015
Asia continues to divide opinions, but specialists at Liontrust have strong belief in the region, which “offers compelling combination of decent yield, relatively low valuations and decent growth,” according to Mark Williams, manager of Liontrust Asia Income Fund.

Peering into 2015 21/01/2015
Nancy Curtin, CIO of Close Brothers Asset Management, takes a look at what 2015 has in store and how to react.

Value investing – an outlook 20/01/2015
The tail end of 2014 saw the median US stock stand at an all-time valuation high. As more and more investors chased equity income and seeking ‘value’ became the norm, one-time ‘cheap’ stocks began to look increasingly expensive.

Wealthiest one percent to own more wealth than the rest by 2016, says charity 19/01/2015
The wealthy are set to increase the percentage of total wealth they own, according to a report from charity Oxfam which predicts the combined wealth of the richest one percent will overtake that of the other 99 percent of people next year.

The European dilemma – an investment opportunity or not? 19/01/2015
The upcoming Greek elections threaten to destabilise the Eurozone one again: The left-leaning anti-austerity party Syriza is currently ahead in the polls, and, if elected, may force Greece’s withdrawal from the Eurozone. The Eurozone was already battling with a stubborn deflation problem and looks set to turn (finally) to quantitative easing to address it over the next few months.

Asset managers hoping for return to growth in 2015 - CBI/ PwC Financial Services Survey 19/01/2015
Asset managers ended 2014 with no improvement in optimism, but the sector expects growth in 2015, according to the 101st CBI/PwC Financial Services Survey.

A behavioural take on forecasting investment returns 15/01/2015
The FTSE 100 fell by 2.53 percent on 14 January, the third time it has moved by more than two percent in nine days of trading during 2015. Stock markets elsewhere have experienced similar volatility.

'Buy into volatility' says Coutts 12/01/2015
Rashmi Sadhwani, Investment Strategist at Coutts, is advising clients to buy into the current spell of volatility.

Bank of Singapore warns on China credit bubble 09/01/2015
Richard Jerram, chief economist at the Bank of Singapore has warned that a credit bubble is growing in China.

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