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Is election uncertainty putting investors off the UK? 08:02 GMT
The looming UK General Election is unlikely to have escaped notice. Promising to be one of the closest elections in living memory, there are risks for investors should either Labour or the Conservatives form the dominant party. There are also risks from the disruption created by an unclear outcome and – possibly – a second poll later in the year. But should investors be avoiding the UK as a result?

Markets are more bipolar than ever, says Rowan Dartington Signature's Stephens 27/02/2015
The world of equities and bonds currently fit the classic definition of bipolar disorder as a mental state characterised by periods of elevated mood and periods of depression, according to Rowan Dartington Signature's Guy Stephens.

Triumph of the pessimists as FTSE 100 reaches new all-time high (with the prospect of hitting 10,000 by the end of 2022) 25/02/2015
The FTSE 100 index closed at 6,949.63 on 24 February, finally breaking through its previous all-time high of 6,930 achieved on the final trading day of 1999.

A Greek default is nothing to be afraid of - Brown Shipley CIO 19/02/2015
Brown Shipley’s chief investment officer Kevin Doran is sanguine on EU investment prospects despite Greek negotiations rocking the boat.

The fixed income pick in a global QE quagmire - ACPI 16/02/2015
ACPI Investment Managers’ head of asset management fixed income Steven O’Hanlon is favouring Indian Bonds because it is one of the few economies ‘facing in the right direction’.

Deflation risk 12/02/2015
Disinflation (a decrease in the rate of inflation) has been a constant theme since the end of the financial crisis. There are many factors contributing to lower inflation rates around the world, including excess capacity, ageing demographics (we tend to spend less as we get older), the Internet (a major force in price discovery) and competitive currency devaluations, putting price pressure on countries whose currencies have not devalued. However, the recent, more extreme downward moves in inflation globally have been caused by the sharp drop in oil prices, by over 50 percent during the last six months. As a result, the western world today is experiencing inflation levels far below central banks’ target of 2 percent. There is increased investor unease over the risk of deflation (fall in prices), causing bond yields to head lower and exacerbating the desperate search for yield and income in financial markets.

Global health epidemics – new era or temporary diversion? asks Liontrust 05/02/2015
Liontrust’s Jan Luthman believes the widespread response to the Ebola epidemic signals a significant structural shift for the global pharmaceutical sector.

Enter the Twilight Zone and the buying opportunity of a lifetime 30/01/2015
Very few UK-based investors have probably heard of David Iben, the founder of Tampa-based Kopernik Global Investors LLC and the manager of the Kopernik Global All-Cap Fund. Nonetheless, “The Twilight Zone” his latest commentary on global markets certainly provides an antidote to the “investment outlooks” that tend to dominate the financial media.

Asia is compelling despite ongoing divide in opinions – Liontrust 28/01/2015
Asia continues to divide opinions, but specialists at Liontrust have strong belief in the region, which “offers compelling combination of decent yield, relatively low valuations and decent growth,” according to Mark Williams, manager of Liontrust Asia Income Fund.

Peering into 2015 21/01/2015
Nancy Curtin, CIO of Close Brothers Asset Management, takes a look at what 2015 has in store and how to react.

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