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Global growth acceleration will be supportive for equities in the second half of 2014, says Credit Suisse 08/07/2014
The recommended portfolio strategy of Credit Suisse Private Banking and Wealth Management calls for overweight positions in equities and alternative investments, and underweight in fixed income.

The calm before the storm? 11/06/2014
With the European Central Bank dipping back into the monetary easing stash, it’s tempting to believe the rally in asset prices will continue indefinitely.

PAM Insight CIO Roundtable Discussion: China and Commodities: Recent Developments and Long Term Outlook 11/06/2014
On Tuesday 10 June 2014 PAM Insight (publishers of thewealthnet) co-hosted a roundtable discussion with ETF Securities, entitled China and Commodities: Recent Developments and Long Term Outlook. Participants were Nick Brooks, head of research and investment strategy at ETF Securities; David Cavaye, CIO of C Hoare & Co; Nancy Curtin, group CIO of Close Brothers Asset Management; Bill O’Neill, managing director and head of chief investment office wealth management research UK at UBS; Mark Rushton, CIO of Walker Crips; James Spence, managing partner of Cerno Capital; and John Veale, CIO of Stonehage Investment Partners.

Coutts looks through a 'risk-adjusted lens' in its mid-year investment outlook 06/06/2014
As we head into the second half of 2014, geopolitical tensions, slowing growth in China and the potential for interest rates to be increased in the US show that opportunities for investment are not without their risks.

Singapore's first quarter growth outshines forecast 05/06/2014
According to recent data released by Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 2.3 percent on a quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) seasonally adjusted annualised basis. The figures were compiled after rebasing effects, with the base year for the national accounts now set to 2010 instead of 2005. The revised GDP formula takes into account new elements, including the capitalisation of research and development expenditure and employers’ pension contributions. The data beats the forecast of the economist who placed the growth for the quarter in the region of 1 percent and significantly overshoots the government estimates of 0.1 percent expansion.

Potential UK equity instability ahead of 2015 - Neptune 29/05/2014
Investors should be aware of Scottish independence and UK’s membership of the EU as they have the potential to destabilise areas of the equity market, said Scott MacLennan, the manager of the Neptune UK Opportunities Fund.

So what has happened to all those optimistic stockmarket forecasts for 2014? 27/05/2014
So what has happened to all those optimistic stockmarket forecasts for 2014?

Coutts chief economist backs Modi win in Indian election 13/05/2014
Regardless of the strength of his expected coalition Narendri Modi's reforms will provide a market catalyst, according to Mark McFarland, chief economist at Coutts.

A particularly fertile hunting ground for bond investors 12/05/2014
Interest rates remain very low and income from bonds and cash is, in most cases, providing negative real returns. As economic growth in developed countries gathers pace, rising bond yields will further erode bond prices. While this long-term trend is likely to be gradual, it challenges the traditional characteristics of fixed income investments: to provide a defensive safe haven that generates income.

Bubbles, Presidential Cycles and January Rules: Why equities should continue to rise for the next 30 months 07/05/2014
Bubble talk has become increasingly commonplace over the past three months, especially in the UK with its obsession with the price of residential property. But other markets also appear to be causing concern to bubble watchers. Take the US equity market, for example. According to some valuation measures it is currently trading at a similar level to that experienced in 2000 at the height of the dotcom bubble.

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