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Financial crisis indicators place emerging markets 'at risk' 03/09/2015
A new model outlining ‘early warning indicators’ of a financial crisis have caused emerging markets, and particularly China, to fall out of favour with Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM).

Rolling stones uphill: A Chinese Sisyphus 02/09/2015
As symbols of futility go, that of Sisyphus takes some beating. In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was captured by the gods after having freed humanity from Death. They punished him, of course: he would spend the rest of his days pushing a boulder up to the top of a mountain. Just when he reached the summit, as perpetual torment for his efforts, the boulder would inexorably roll back down again. Sisyphus was condemned to push the boulder uphill for all eternity. His was the original rolling stone.

Reasons to be cheerful during a torrid August 25/08/2015

Relax: the current global equity market correction is 'normal' 25/08/2015
What is surprising, at least to memory challenged individuals (like this writer), is that stockmarket falls of this nature are normal events.

Which USD index really matters? 24/08/2015
A recent divergence in the two key US dollar indices has led the Bank of Singapore’s senior currency strategist to question which holds most weight for investors.

Global investors should remain optimistic, deVere CEO advises 24/08/2015
Financial markets will be volatile until the end of the year, but investors should avoid a ‘doomsday prepper’ mindset, deVere Group’s chief executive has warned.

The future for the redback: experts offer their views 21/08/2015
Commentary and analysis on the recent move by the People's Bank of China to lower the renminbi's reference rate to 1.9 percent.

FTSE 100 at lowest levels since January, oil and mining hit hardest 20/08/2015
As of August 18, the FTSE 100 index closed at 6403, its lowest level since January 2015, when it closed at 6,388.

RLAM, Close Brothers and UBP differing views on China slump 13/08/2015

Six reasons to own tighter European high yield 30/07/2015

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