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Heartwood Investment Management takes cautious position ahead of the Brexit vote 17/06/2016
In the months leading up to Brexit Heartwood Investment Management has increasingly positioned its profile to reflect a “more cautious view” based on global scale considerations, rather than any one single event.

Return of confidence after 23 June key - 7IM's Justin Urquhart Stewart 15/06/2016

Brexit: Long odds for a Leave victory despite what the opinion polls say 13/06/2016

Blockchain, wealth management and the weakest link 13/06/2016
Blockchain, in its ideal incarnation, promises to revolutionise the way we transfer and store our most valuable assets. Why, then, are wealth management firms so reluctant to engage with the impending arrival of this new technology?

Lower your referendum risk warns digital wealth manager 10/06/2016
Straightforward diversification away from a traditional overweight position in UK equities is the easiest way for private investors to reduce risk in their investment portfolios ahead of the EU referendum, according to digital wealth manager MoneyFarm

Only the boldest firms will take on the digital challenge - Saxo Compeer research 20/04/2016

Brexit: Trust the betting odds rather than opinion polls 18/04/2016

Berenberg becomes mired in 'Panama Papers scandal' 18/04/2016

The week in review - the most read stories on thewealthnet 01/04/2016
The most read stories on thewealthnet this week.

Brexit: the never-ending story 25/02/2016
Following David Cameron’s return from Brussels, armed with a European Union deal, debate about Britain’s EU membership has reached fever pitch this week. Despite a boost for the “Leavers” as Boris Johnson declared his support for Brexit, we believe that the Prime Minister's support for remaining in the EU will be the deciding factor in this referendum, as a majority of undecided voters are likely to follow his recommendation of remaining in the EU. In our view, there is a 30percent probability of Brexit, so we therefore anticipate a vote to remain come 24 June. But this is unlikely to be the end of the story. Even if Britain votes to Remain, the implications of a re-negotiated position in Europe will be extensive. The current situation could well evolve into a “neverendum”.

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