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So how much is really needed to fund a family office? 20/11/2014
It used to the case, at least as far as those that make assertions on this particular subject, that a minimum of between $50 million to $100 million of assets was required to make the establishment of a family office a viable proposition.

Four 'What if's' for family businesses to consider 11/11/2014
Four “What if’s” for families looking to hand over their business.

The FF&P/Stonehage merger: a potentially overlooked cost saving 07/11/2014
Mergers sometimes have the potential to reduce costs, especially where there are areas of overlap. This will almost certainly be the case at Stonehage Fleming & Partners (SF&P), the outcome of the merger between Stonehage and Fleming Family & Partners (FF&P).

FF&P and Stonehage merger aims to leverage scale and scope to generate growth and profitability in the UK & international family office services market 07/11/2014
Scale and scope are not attributes usually associated with the family office sector, especially in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). But this will no longer be the case following the announcement that Fleming Family & Partners (FF&P) and Stonehage are to merge to create a new firm called Stonehage Fleming Family & Partners (SF&P) (see thewealthnet 06/11/2014).

Shock Horror! The global family office universe is evaporating, according to Bloomberg 07/11/2014
Here is another of those paradoxes that litter the global wealth management sector.

Fleming Family Partners and Stonehage to merge 06/11/2014
London-based Fleming Family & Partners (FF&P) is to merge with Stonehage, a fiduciary, trust and wealth management firm with South African antecedents, to create a new group called Stonehage Fleming Family & Partners.

Single family offices versus universities, endowments and foundations 06/10/2014
The asset allocations of single family offices (SFO) provide an interesting perspective on the very wealthy, especially within the context of whether or not they are “wealth creators” as opposed to rent seekers (see thewealthnet 01/10/2014). But asset allocation can also provide additional insights about the aims and objectives of a family office.

Richard Branson gives unlimited holidays to his family office staff 25/09/2014
Sir Richard Branson is allowing staff managing his personal fortune at his family office in Britain and the US to take as much vacation as they like.

Average family office investment portfolio returns 9 percent a year – report 19/09/2014
The average family office investment portfolio returned an estimated 9 percent on the year, with slight deviation across regions, investment strategy and family office size (denoted by assets under management), according to a report by UBS in partnership with Camden Wealth.

$500K package on offer for CIO of new family office 17/09/2014
A Forbes-listed billionaire, currently creating a single family office to be based in Dubai, wants a chief investment officer and head of investment committee for the venture.

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