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RM Sotheby's celebrates tenth London car auction 07/09/2016
Classic car specialists RM Sothebyís is celebrating a decade of auctions in London with its tenth annual sale this evening.

The web-based art market powers ahead 07/09/2016
An estimated 24 percent rise was seen in online art sales in 2015, totalling $3.27 billion, despite a decrease on global art auction sales overall last year meaning web-based dealings threaten the existing auction-based art business model.

Investors reach for the bottle post-Brexit 19/08/2016
Appetite for fine wines is set to grow over the next year as investors search for safe havens in the post-Brexit landscape. Thatís the view of Tom Gearing, managing director of specialist wine investment firm Cult Wines, who saw a 106 percent hike in sales in the week following Britainís decision in June to leave the EU.

Returns on fine art 'have been over-estimated' - research 16/06/2016
Returns on fine art have been significantly over-estimated, according to new research.

Fine wine records strongest increase in five years 20/05/2016
It may be time to return that 1990 bottle of Bordeaux to the cellar as the fine wine market is continuing to show signs of recovery, according to new research from The Wine Investment Fund.

The week in review - the most read stories on thewealthnet 01/04/2016
The most read stories on thewealthnet this week.

Philatelic 'holy grail' sold for £495,000 10/03/2016

Scotch Whisky: just a dram or a profitable 'passion investment'? 04/03/2016
In a new series looking at passion investments thewealthnet examines the many ways investments can be made in the interests and passtimes of the wealthy. For some it is simply a pleasant diversion, for others a more serious diversifier, but how profitable is it and what are the best ways to approach a given field. In this installment reporter Karen Gilchrist looks at the merits - or otherwise - of Scotch

Global growth fears fuelling demand for gold, says Signia Wealth 19/02/2016
Gold has seen a positive start to 2016, fuelled by fears surrounding global growth and an unconventional yet persistent central bank monetary policy, said Assad Abdulla, senior portfolio manager at Signia Wealth,

Swiss private banking platform launched for 'investments of passion' 15/02/2016

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