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Bordier (UK) heralds year of outperformance 27/02/2015
Bordier (UK), formerly known as Berry Asset Management, has reported a year of outperformance across its five core investment strategies, based on figures from Asset Risk Consultants (ARC), a Guernsey-based investment consultancy.

High yield bonds – a promising option? 27/02/2015
High yield bond analysts certainly had their work cut out for them last year.

Look beyond the headlines on emerging markets 25/02/2015

The polarisation in emerging markets 24/02/2015
Emerging markets used to be seen as homogenous, rising or falling with global risk appetite. Partly this was a function of the growth of China, whose insatiable demand for commodities lifted many emerging markets in unison. However, there is now an increasing divergence in the fortunes of different emerging markets. Emerging market performance is increasingly determined by whether a country is a commodity producer or importer, the extent of their dollar debt exposure and whether they display significant political risk.

Smaller US banks set to rerate - Hermes 23/02/2015
Regional banks are looking like the most attractive value of the US small and mid-sized financials with a rerating on the horizon, according to Hermes Investment Management.

The extraordinary investment philosophy of James Anderson 18/02/2015
A recent article on thewealthnet (see thewealthnet 13/01/2015) highlighted the achievements of James Anderson, the long serving manager (now co-manager) of Scottish Mortgage, the UK’s biggest listed closed end fund company with a market capitalisation of £3.2 billion.

Investment helps drive strong demand for gold at end of 2014 12/02/2015
Demand for gold in the fourth quarter of 2014 was up six percent to 987 tonnes, according to the latest Gold Demand Trends full year report from the World Gold Council. This demand was driven by investment from Central Banks as well as the jewellery market.

Changing population trends open up diversification into emerging markets, says UBS 12/02/2015
Diversification away from volatile markets can be met by increasingly predictable emerging markets, says Professor Hans Rosling.

Sin Pays (or why having a conscience can be expensive for return-orientated investors) 11/02/2015
Socially responsible investing (SRI) is increasingly attracting more adherents especially amongst institutional investors. The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance estimates that around $14 trillion of professionally managed portfolios incorporate environmental, social and governance concerns into their decisions. This can result in investors consciously excluding companies, industrial sectors and even countries from their investment portfolios.

Meet the 'star fund manager' who dislikes the title 06/02/2015
Evenlode Investment’s Hugh Yarrow seemingly has some big shoes to fill. His father, Tony Yarrow, set up Wise Investment in 1992 and recruited his son as a fund manager from Rathbones in 2009.

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