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ABN Amro's call on emerging markets 'in some ways contrarian' – CIO interview 29/09/2014
ABN Amro is very positive on emerging markets, tactically using market fears as a trigger to re-enter, Didier Duret, chief investment officer of ABN Amro Private Banking, told thewealthnet.

Fitch Ratings reveals best practices for European invesment managers 22/09/2014
Fitch Ratings selects the best practices from a survey of 30 distinct investment processes and representing EUR1.8trn assets under management.

ABN AMRO private banking remains overweight in equities 19/09/2014
ABN AMRO private banking remains overweight in equities in its Q4 2014 investment outlook, and also recommends companies poised to benefit from the current abundance of oil and new energy sources.

Coutts UK CIO on Russia and other controversial investments 15/09/2014
Recently Alan Higgins, chief investment officer, UK, at Coutts, made a case for buying Russian equities – arguably a contrarian move as risk factor is very high at the moment, so thewealthnet spoke to Mr Higgins to find out more about his strategy and his views.

Jupiter on the reshaping opportunities for investing in financials 15/09/2014

Who do you believe, equity or bond markets? 08/09/2014
August has seen a repeat of the trend we have seen for much of 2014: equity and bond markets rising together. How can this be given that bonds are meant to offer protection against falling equity prices and vice versa? Are equity and bond markets telling us conflicting stories? Should we worry that rising bond prices are forecasting an economic downturn or is there a unifying factor driving both markets?

Don't fear the frontier – Franklin Templeton makes case for emerging markets 03/09/2014
While investments in emerging and frontier markets offer high relative growth potential, they carry many risks, and only very experienced firms can provide investors with some comfort when dealing with volatile developing countries. Franklin Templeton Investments, which was one of the first companies to offer emerging market funds to retail investors over 20 years ago, is among these firms.

From niche to front: renewable energy takes centre stage 05/08/2014
Preserving capital and making more money is the main aim of any investment, but over the last few years sustainability has shifted noticeably closer towards the forefront of investors’ minds.

Where now for fixed income investors? 25/07/2014
With sovereign bond yields and credit spreads trading at near historic lows, and an ambiguous macroeconomic environment, traditional bond portfolios are no longer looking that compelling. Such portfolios are typically managed relative to an aggregate index, with limited flexibility to expand their opportunity sets and tool boxes and at this point, following a 30 year bull market for the bond market, prospective returns from traditional bond portfolios do not look that attractive.

Eschewing the big beasts of fund management - James Hambro & Partners 11/07/2014
Big name fund manager moves and exits represent an exciting opportunity according to Charlie Underwood at James Hambro & Partners.

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