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Do green, ethical, or SRI funds always hamper returns? 07:59 GMT
While ‘environmentally friendly’ no longer labels a point of difference but rather is the norm in everyday parlance, for the majority of the west yet the idea of ‘ethical’ or ‘green’ approaches to investing are still – rightly or wrongly - treated as separate entities.

The world under Modi – outlook for India 23/01/2015
Last May saw the general election success of Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) end years of coalition governments in India, infamous for failing to address the country’s corruption problems and its infrastructural shortcomings, with the single party rule sending a clear and focused reform message to the nation and investors around the world.

Has the long term become short term for professional investors? 22/01/2015
The recent difficulties at Tesco are, to some extent, a reflection of a wider problem in markets. Its troubles arose partly because the retailer succumbed to pressure to boost short-term figures – and thereby meet short-term earnings expectations - at the expense of its long-term stability. As investors become increasingly concerned with short-term metrics, this phenomenon is drawing the attention of policymakers and economic strategists, concerned about its impact on the proper functioning of capital markets.

Peering into 2015 21/01/2015
Nancy Curtin, CIO of Close Brothers Asset Management, takes a look at what 2015 has in store and how to react.

Value investing – an outlook 20/01/2015
The tail end of 2014 saw the median US stock stand at an all-time valuation high. As more and more investors chased equity income and seeking ‘value’ became the norm, one-time ‘cheap’ stocks began to look increasingly expensive.

The European dilemma – an investment opportunity or not? 19/01/2015
The upcoming Greek elections threaten to destabilise the Eurozone one again: The left-leaning anti-austerity party Syriza is currently ahead in the polls, and, if elected, may force Greece’s withdrawal from the Eurozone. The Eurozone was already battling with a stubborn deflation problem and looks set to turn (finally) to quantitative easing to address it over the next few months.

Skagen reports 'difficult and eventful' 2014 15/01/2015
Almost two weeks into his new job the chief executive of Skagen Funds was addressing investors in London to discuss what has been by their own admission a “very difficult and eventful year for Skagen”.

eVestment's annual outlook predicts a positive year for hedge funds 06/01/2015
Hedge funds are well positioned for a year of solid growth in 2015, with asset flows expected to reach at least $90-110 billion, according to investment strategy providers eVestment’s annual Hedge Fund Industry Outlook.

Investing in a diverging world: what to look for in 2015 05/01/2015
Caroline Simmons, deputy head of Investment Office UK at UBS Wealth Management discusses investment themes and strategies for the year ahead

Enhanced fund research tool expands financial advisers' client offering 23/12/2014
Online pensions and investment technology company Selectapension has augmented its Fund Research tool to assist financial advisers in serving their existing client base and the growing number of consumers saving for retirement.

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