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Hollow architecture 10:05 GMT
Clarion calls for asset wealth managers to embrace Open Architecture (OA) have been a remorseless din in the ears of advisors and clients alike. Very few such businesses do not state vocally that they adhere to this thoughtless ideology. For it is thoughtless, since it is almost impossible to implement in the manner in which it is portrayed and understood.

EXCLUSIVE: Butterfield building bespoke fund of funds range with $24bn manager 16/10/2014
Butterfield Group is to switch its fund of funds to a $24 billion hedge fund.

London-based wealth manager says take a defensive stance 15/10/2014
Ongoing market volatility means investors need to take a defensive stance, according to Ashok Shah, investment director at London & Capital Group.

Thematic investing increasingly important – Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management 13/10/2014
Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (CGWM) has grown both organically and through M&A activity, and the firm has been working to ensure all parts of the business are working ever more closely together, with a new IT system being developed, which will be live on the first of December. In the meantime, thewealthnet spoke to Justin Oliver, investment director at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, about the firm in general and its investment perspectives.

This time it is different chapter 337 10/10/2014
Equity markets appear to be on the retreat in most developed economies as growth prospects diminish, especially in the eurozone, which looks on the cusp of another recession, and China. So much for all those rosy forecasts about “escape velocities” and the return of self-sustaining growth at the beginning of the year.

Pictet Long/Short Equity fund offered via ABN AMRO private banking 09/10/2014
Pictet Select-Global Long/Short Equity managed by Geneva based Pictet Alternative Advisors (PAA) and will be initially offered via a selection of ABN AMRO’s international private banking distribution channels.

2014 PAM Award winner boosts investment infrastructure to meet the challenges of a frustrating year 09/10/2014
Investors that thought the current year would be “more of the same”, especially as far as equities are concerned, have had a very frustrating experience so far during 2014.

UK property strengthens position as top performing asset class for investor sentiment - Lloyds Private Banking 09/10/2014
The average change across all asset classes in terms of investor sentiment tracked by Lloyds Private Banking reached plus 3 percent in October, the largest month-on-month increase since last year.

The virtues of luxury goods in an increasingly disinflationary world 08/10/2014
The extraordinary monetary policies inaugurated by central banks around the world in the aftermath of 2008’s crisis may have lifted asset markets near to or, in the case of the S&P 500, to all time highs, substantially raising the gross financial wealth of asset holders as a consequence.

Single family offices versus universities, endowments and foundations 06/10/2014
The asset allocations of single family offices (SFO) provide an interesting perspective on the very wealthy, especially within the context of whether or not they are “wealth creators” as opposed to rent seekers (see thewealthnet 01/10/2014). But asset allocation can also provide additional insights about the aims and objectives of a family office.

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