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Enter the Twilight Zone and the buying opportunity of a lifetime 08:00 GMT
Very few UK-based investors have probably heard of David Iben, the founder of Tampa-based Kopernik Global Investors LLC and the manager of the Kopernik Global All-Cap Fund. Nonetheless, “The Twilight Zone” his latest commentary on global markets certainly provides an antidote to the “investment outlooks” that tend to dominate the financial media.

Developed versus emerging bonds 29/01/2015
The sovereign bond markets are proving fallow hunting ground for investors at the start of 2015. Fears over economic growth and ongoing monetary easing by Japanese and European central bankers have conspired to push yields on developed market bonds down to historically low levels. At the same time, emerging markets are contending with the impact of a lower oil price and a weakening economic outlook. For those who need to retain an allocation to fixed income, do developed or emerging market bonds look more attractive?

Steer clear of single fund solutions for absolute return in 2015 28/01/2015
Investors seeking absolute return must look wider than single manager, single strategy solutions

Asia is compelling despite ongoing divide in opinions – Liontrust 28/01/2015
Asia continues to divide opinions, but specialists at Liontrust have strong belief in the region, which “offers compelling combination of decent yield, relatively low valuations and decent growth,” according to Mark Williams, manager of Liontrust Asia Income Fund.

JFK's London home to be transformed into capital's most expensive 28/01/2015
A London property which was once the home of President Kennedy is planned to be converted into a £150 million mega-mansion and one of the capital's finest homes.

How asset allocators are responding to the dangers of currency volatility 27/01/2015
The recent move by the Swiss Central Bank to remove the cap on the country’s currency neatly highlighted the dilemma for asset allocators in the current environment: On the one hand, the current volatility in currency markets shows the dangers inherent in predicting the level of different currencies; on the other, it shows how profoundly currencies can impact investment returns.

Do green, ethical, or SRI funds always hamper returns? 26/01/2015
While ‘environmentally friendly’ no longer labels a point of difference but rather is the norm in everyday parlance, for the majority of the west yet the idea of ‘ethical’ or ‘green’ approaches to investing are still – rightly or wrongly - treated as separate entities.

Saxo Bank says could suffer Swiss franc trading losses of more than $100 million 26/01/2015
Saxo Bank, the Danish lender which specialises in interest rate and currency hedging brokerage on margin, faces potential losses of more than $107 million following the Swiss central bank's decision to allow its currency to float freely against the euro.

Emotional pull of collectibles ‘makes them top investments among wealthy' 26/01/2015
Collectibles, ranging from art, classic cars and sports memorabilia are the most popular form of alternative investment among the wealthy in the US, according to high net worth researchers Spectrem.

Old Mutual Wealth adds pension specialists to sales team 26/01/2015
Old Mutual Wealth has appointed two pension specialists to its specialist sales team, Roddy Munro and Tim Mason.

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