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The week on eprivateclient 27/07/2015
A look back at the popular stories on eprivateclient last week.

Two weeks left to nominate for eprivateclient's Top 35 Under 35 - join firms including Boodle Hatfield and R&H 24/07/2015

Barclays clamps down on some expatriate accounts 22/07/2015
Expatriate individuals in certain countries outside the UK who bank with Barclays are being told to take their business elsewhere, unless they build up their accounts to the £100,000 level.

Long-term investment game pays better, says Adam & Company 22/07/2015
Adam & Company has launched its Mid-Year Investment Outlook 2015, highlighting the teams’ view of the key investment themes that are emerging as we enter the second half of the year. The publication provides insight into the strategies long-term investors should consider.

The week on eprivateclient 20/07/2015
A look at the stories featured on eprivateclient last week

Liechtenstein tax programme will close early as tougher regime emerges 17/07/2015
The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility will expire on December 31, earlier than expected, as a result of changes announced in the Budget in March.

The week on eprivateclient 13/07/2015
A look at the stories dominating the headlines on eprivateclient last week

Private client professionals split on Osborne tax claims for new non-dom rules 10/07/2015
Leading private client practitioners are split on George Osborne’s claim that the changes to the non-dom regime announced in yesterday’s Summer Budget will bring in an extra £1.5 billion in tax for the Exchequer over this Parliament, according to a survey from eprivateclient.

Four weeks left to nominate for eprivateclient's Top 35 Under 35 - join firms including Rawlinson & Hunter and McDermott, Will & Emery 10/07/2015
Nominations for thewealthnet's sister publication eprivateclient's annual Top 35 Under 35, the definitive annual list of young private client practitioners, remain open

Non-dom Budget reactions: A tipping point for foreign wealth? 09/07/2015
The decision by Chancellor George Osborne to end the permanent non-dom status for long term residents, along with certain other concessions, has drawn a number of reactions across the advice industry, with several commentators signalling the dangers of driving the wealthy out of the UK.

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