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Switzerland takes next step towards automatic exchange of information 09/10/2014
Switzerland’s Federal Council has adopted definitive negotiation mandates for introducing the new global standard for the automatic exchange of information in tax matters with partner states.

UBS faces record EUR 5 bn French fine on tax evasion charges 06/10/2014
France could levy a fine of about EUR 4.9 billion ($6.2 billion) on UBS for allegedly helping French clients conceal money in offshore accounts, a punishment which would break all records in the campaign by major nations to stamp out tax evasion.

UBS pays EUR 1.1 billion bail on French charges 01/10/2014
UBS has made a bail payment of EUR 1.1 billion on charges of helping rich French clients to hide cash in Switzerland.

The return of mansion tax madness 24/09/2014
Scottish devolution may yet pose more problems for UK politicians. This will be especially the case if the increased powers promised to Scotland resurrect, or require a solution to, the “West Lothian Question”, the continued ability of Scottish Members of Parliament to vote on legislation that covers only England.

PwC appoints new asset management tax director 18/09/2014
PwC has appointed Bradley Phillips as an asset management tax director - focusing on advising investment funds and asset managers on a range of tax issues.

EIS suffers from unfair reputation as a 'dodgy tax scheme' for the rich 03/09/2014
Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) are unfairly "tarred with the same brush as dodgy tax schemes," according to Sarah Wadham, the director general of the EIS Association (EISA) and it is a preconception she wants to challenge.

Switzerland completes programme to pay UK £470m for past tax evasion 02/09/2014
Switzerland has completed a programme to pay Britain nearly half a billion pounds in settlements for past tax evasion by its citizens.

VP Bank pulls out of Swiss-US tax settlement agreement 27/08/2014
Liechtenstein’s VP Bank has withdrawn its Swiss offshoot from the US programme to settle a tax dispute with Swiss banks.

Expatriates said facing £400 million Osborne tax raid 18/08/2014
Expatriates who rent out their homes in Britain will be stripped of the right to use the personal allowance under a tax plan prepared by Chancellor George Osborne, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Avaloq banking suite becomes fully compliant with Australian tax system 13/08/2014
Swiss-based Avaloq group, a wealth management solutions provider, has achieved full compliance with the Australian tax system with its banking suite.

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