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Switzerland and Italy sign pact after long dispute over tax evasion 24/02/2015
The long-running wrangle between Italy and Switzerland over undeclared Italian private funds being shifted across the border into Swiss private banks, the traditional way for Italians to avoid tax, came to a resolution with an agreement by the two countries on a tax information exchange agreement.

Swiss prosecutors raid HSBC Geneva offices 18/02/2015
Prosecutors in Switzerland have searched HSBC’s Swiss private banking offices in Geneva after allegations of money laundering at the unit.

UK hedge fund industry's tax contribution reaches record high - research 13/02/2015
The tax contribution of the UK hedge fund industry has never been greater than it is today, according to new research from AIMA, a global hedge fund industry body.

HMRC to call in police and SFO on 'HSBC leak data' 12/02/2015
HMRC is looking to expand the scope of its investigation into the data leak on the Swiss private banking operations of HSBC and is to talk to other law enforcement agencies later this week.

Have HSBC's Republic National and Safra Republic acquisitions destroyed value? 10/02/2015
thewealthnet is not one of the 50 media outlets around the world that received copies of the thousands of pages of HSBC client data along with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the Guardian and the BBC from Le Monde, a French newspaper. So it is unable to establish both the nature and provenance of the claims that HSBC helped its Swiss private banking clients to evade tax or launder money. More information will almost certainly come to light in the plethora of legal actions that are either ongoing, or will almost certainly be unleashed as a result of the information contained in the documents.

UK parliament to probe HSBC tax claims 10/02/2015
The UK Parliament is to hold hearings into allegations that HSBC operated Swiss accounts for years in order to aid widespread circumvention of taxes by clients.

HSBC admits Swiss bank failings over client taxes, reduces deposits to $68bn 09/02/2015
HSBC’s Swiss private banking unit made significant profits historically by helping wealthy customers avoid taxes, according to leaked secret bank account files released Sunday.

Labour's Miliband issues warning to UK-controlled 'tax havens' 09/02/2015
British tax havens would be given six months to open their books to mainland scrutiny or face being placed on the OECD international blacklist if Labour wins the general election, Labour leader Ed Miliband has declared.

US launches new evasion probe into UBS - report 05/02/2015
US federal prosecutors have launched a new inquiry into whether UBS helped Americans evade taxes through investments banned in the US, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the investigation.

US businessman fined $4 million over secret Swiss account 30/01/2015
A wealthy US businessman, George Landegger, has pleaded guilty to failing to file Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBARs) with the IRS regarding secret Swiss bank accounts that he maintained and controlled at a Swiss private bank headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

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