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New digital investment firm 'open minded' about working with established wealth managers 28/04/2016
Wealthify, a digital investment service launched earlier this year is “open minded” about possible partnerships with existing wealth managers and financial advisers, two of its founders told thewealthnet.

Wealth Dynamix launches cloud based CRM software 26/04/2016

New mobile solution launches to help financial services with data capture 25/04/2016
A new mobile app has launched which “aims to speed up and simplify compliance processes” has launched.

CEOs risk being 'hung, drawn and quartered' for cyber security breaches 22/04/2016
Chief executives in the wealth management industry run the risk of being locked up for criminal activity if they don’t pay greater attention to the threat posed by cyber security breaches.

ICBC Standard Bank is software solutions company's latest client 21/04/2016

Wealth managers more enthusiastic about IT but legacy issues still lurk - Compeer Wealthtech 2016 21/04/2016
The wealth industry is more enthusiastic about IT despite lurking legacy systems and poor take up of digital - according to the lead survey presented at Compeer's Wealthtech conference 2016.

Swiss pledge greater fintech support 20/04/2016
The Swiss Federal Council has said that market access should be made easier for new, innovative financial technology (fintech) companies. As a result, it has instructed the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) to examine the need for regulatory action in the fintech sector.

Only the boldest firms will take on the digital challenge - Saxo Compeer research 20/04/2016

Client strategies: a new look at old wealth 18/04/2016
Private bankers often profess that, when it comes to clients, they like old money most of all.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management selects innovation partner 15/04/2016
BNP Paribas Wealth Management has selected KYC3 as its innovation partner.

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