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The week in review - the most read stories on thewealthnet 05/02/2016
Last week on thewealthnet - the biggest stories from wealth management you may have missed.

The risks for Coutts in launching a robo advice led service 04/02/2016
Robo advice offers convenience and affordability but is it true to what Coutt’s stands for with clients?

PAM Insight's 50 Most Influential reception in photos 01/02/2016
Pictures from the champagne reception sponsored by Deloitte

Advisers split on 'robo-advice' future 27/01/2016

Coutts to launch private client networking platform 18/01/2016

Google manager joins digital wealth management firm 12/01/2016

Who is Freddie Pooter? The most controversial columns 2015 23/12/2015

Google holds key to future of wealth management 15/12/2015
Wealth management’s notoriety as a late-adopter of technology could be to its advantage. If – that is – it is now willing to learn from the greatest disrupters within the tech industry, says The Evening Standard’s finance and business commentator, Anthony Hilton.

Why the face-to-face client meeting won't be displaced by technology just yet 08/12/2015

Why Nutmeg won't be producing an app anytime soon 07/12/2015
Digital wealth manager Nutmeg has only completed one percent of its mission, according to chief executive Nick Hungerford. It is now putting in place the third element of its business plan - to offer ‘automated’ advice. Mr Hungerford and his team believe they already have the investment engine in place - a moderate growth portfolio has outperformed competitors (5.2 percent v. 4.7 percent annualised). The backend of the Nutmeg site is also in place. Until now, he says, he has prioritised ‘backend’ and back office functionality, and expects to accelerate projects and focus on front end and client interface issues. During this process and Nutmeg’s increasing prominence, Mr Hungerford admits he has felt a growing sense of responsibility toward society - to solve the lack of pensions savings, to educate people and to democratise wealth management. “With everything we do here, I feel there is more we need to do and there is an expectation on us to solve problems,” Mr Hungerford told thewealthnet. “(In the beginning) We had a problem to solve - people were either faced with DIY or traditional advice. “We had this problem and we did six months of user experience tests. We found that low, medium or high risk portfolios are not the answer - actually people are focussed on life events and understand this as meaningful, engaging and personal. It is why we spend so much time watching and observing, learning what people's needs are. "In my view we are one percent of the way we are going. I hope the next 99 percent doesn't take as long and delivery speed should improve. We have spent a lot of time on the backend and I hope now to spend more time on the front-end. We are past being a start up wondering where the next lunch is coming from but we are still very hungry.” With robo advice, although Mr Hungerford notes that “to us as digital natives, it is just advice,” Nutmeg is looking to learn from traditional wealth management by recruiting advisers

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