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Preaching to compliance - 2016 PAM Social Media Forum hears how to convert the cynics 17/10/2016

Quarter of wealth managers don't know what their firm posts on social media – 2016 PAM Social Media Survey 14/10/2016
A quarter of UK wealth management professionals do not know what content their firm are posting on social media, according to the 2016 PAM Social Media Survey.

When it comes to cloud cyber security know your FOE, PAM Annual Operations Dinner told 13/10/2016
Whilst use of the cloud, and public cloud technologies in particular, can bring immense benefits to wealth managers, they need to be aware of the cyber-security issues it also brings, Matt Lovell, CTO of Pulsant told the PAM Annual Operations Dinner.

Be reassured – you are not secure, PAM Annual Operations Dinners hears from cyber-security expert 12/10/2016
Wealth managers need to accept that they cannot be completely secure against cyber-attacks, Richard Bach, senior strategic adviser at Sovereign Intelligence, told the PAM Annual Operations Dinner.

UBS to launch UK robo advice service 10/10/2016

Don't forget the outsourcing prenup - Compeer 07/10/2016

BNP Paribas investment advisory arm launches fund selection app 04/10/2016

Robo-advisers as capable as humans believe many US investors 30/09/2016
Many investors believe robo-advisers can provide the same quality of advice as a human adviser according to data from Spectrem

2016 PAM Social Media Survey and Forum - we want to hear from you 30/09/2016
PAM Insight wants to hear from you for the 2016 PAM Social Media Survey, in association with Hearsay Social.

KYC technology created in Guernsey 30/09/2016
An online platform, The ID register, has been developed in Guernsey with the hope of making the ‘know your client’ (KYC) process faster, easier and cost effective

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