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Former Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty to defrauding US authorities 24/06/2016

Funds round up: AXA IM, Centaur Asset Management and Kames Capital 24/06/2016
The weekly round up of the latest funds news.

Brexit Referendum Result: MAD Black Swan Lurches Towards The Unknown Region 24/06/2016

Sterling freefalls 10 percent on voting swing to EU Brexit 24/06/2016

UK wealth managers are waking up to the start of a post-EU world 24/06/2016
This morning the wealth management sector, and the rest of the world, is waking up to the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union (EU) in the referendum held yesterday (23/06/2016).

The end of western civilisation - thewealthnet responds 24/06/2016

Forget Europe: What sort of a dog of a firm do you work for? 24/06/2016

David Cameron to resign 24/06/2016

Mark Carney - we are well prepared 24/06/2016
BoE "will not hesitate to take additional measures".

Market volatility 'logical' and 'as predicted' - UBS 24/06/2016
Caroline Simmons, deputy head of Investment Office UK at UBS Wealth Management said that the market reaction following the vote to leave was as to be expected and the moves so far have been logical

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