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Will QE succeed in Japan and Eurozone? 27/03/2015
The start of quantitative easing appears to have coincided with a marked pick-up in the Eurozone economy. This suggests that just the prospect of QE can have a positive economic impact. This is perhaps understandable – after all, the UK and US enacted QE early and have seen the strongest recovery. But is it right to assume that QE will have the same impact in more structurally challenged economies such as Japan and the Eurozone?

Disruption, technical change and an end to 'consolidation' 27/03/2015
Like others components of the UK economy the private banking and wealth management sector may be on the cusp of disruptive change as a result of the ongoing information revolution.

Seeking the alternatives in a low-yielding world 26/03/2015
Seven years on from the credit crunch and central bankers’ insistence on keeping interest rates at historical lows has stripped fixed income of its former glory as a solid yield generator.

Close Brothers Asset Management: Education key to family business expansion 26/03/2015
Family businesses are a key driver of the UK economy but further education is needed to ensure the correct provisions are in place to harness their growth.

The phenomenon of negative yields 25/03/2015
It is a measure of Ireland’s phenomenal recovery that it has now become the latest country to issue short-dated sovereign debt at a negative yield. Last week saw it offer EUR 500m-worth of six-month debt at a yield of 0.01 percent, guaranteeing investors a loss if they hold the debt to maturity.

Jeremy Paxman probes Jersey's funds industry 24/03/2015
It has been eight months since the implementation of the EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), but regulation is still keeping Jersey’s alternative funds professionals awake at night, discovered Jeremy Paxman.

Could Margaret Hodge become a resident non-domicile? 24/03/2015
So Margaret Hodge, the omnipotent chairman of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC), thinks she may be able to become a resident non-domicile.

Fidelity's Nicholls backs China internet growth 24/03/2015
“I doubt we will ever see another business like that ever again, certainly in my investment lifetime,” says Fidelity’s Dale Nicholls of e-commerce giant Alibaba.

PAM Award winning firm on latest charity trends 23/03/2015
Heartwood Investment Management recently conducted a study of charities, and Guy Davies, the firm’s head of charities, spoke to the thewealthnet about the findings.

Alive, well and growing: ABN AMRO's private banking interests 23/03/2015
The private banking activities of ABN AMRO, the Netherlands’ largest bank, have tended to be overlooked, especially by UK-based commentators. This may reflect the events of 2008 when ABN AMRO effectively went off radar in the aftermath of the collapse of Fortis and Royal Bank of Scotland, part of the triumvirate that acquired the bank along with Santander. The sale of its UK private banking interests to Societe Generale may not also have helped in this respect either.

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