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Marketing: Still wealth management's Achilles heel 11:21 GMT
Marketing has always seemed to be the Achilles heel of the asset management sector generally, and the private banking and wealth management sector, in particular. The marketing efforts of the asset management sector tends to pale in comparison in both absolute and relative terms with retailing or the consumer goods sector, for example.

What next for Hampden & Co., Scotland's putative private bank? 15/09/2014
The result of the referendum on Scottish independence still looks too close to call according to the opinion polls.

Coutts UK CIO on Russia and other controversial investments 15/09/2014
Recently Alan Higgins, chief investment officer, UK, at Coutts, made a case for buying Russian equities – arguably a contrarian move as risk factor is very high at the moment, so thewealthnet spoke to Mr Higgins to find out more about his strategy and his views.

Scottish independence and headless chicken syndrome: Don't panic (yet). 11/09/2014
Rather belatedly Westminster politicians, including the leaders of the UK’s three main political parties, as well as institutional and individual investors have woken up to the possibility that Scottish voters might vote for independence in the referendum to be held on 18 September.

Stanhope Capital provides an antidote to family and private office myopia 10/09/2014
It seems that not all family or private investment offices restrict themselves to a focus on financial assets when managing portfolios for clients (see thewealthnet 09/09/2014).

Family and investment office myopia 09/09/2014
Definitions tend to be the banes of the private banking and wealth management sector. Take “private banks” for example, a term that can support at least three definitions. This can cause considerable confusion.

What next for Quilter Cheviot? 08/09/2014
It looks as if it is now open season for guessing the fate of London-based Quilter Cheviot, the firm created through the merger of Cheviot, a relatively recent arrival on the UK management front and Quilter, a much older entity that can trace its establishment back to 1771 and is chaired by Chris Meares, a former chief executive of HSBC Global Private Banking.

How Hargreaves Lansdown could dominate UK discretionary asset management 04/09/2014
The post results analysts conference hosted by Ian Gorman, its chief executive, and Tracey Taylor, its chief finance officer, provided further evidence of the extent to which Bristol-based Hargreaves Lansdown dominates certain segments of the UK wealth management sector, such as execution only (XO) stockbroking and the investment platform market.

Cronyism in the UK investment trust sector 03/09/2014
London-listed investment trusts, or close-ended investment companies, have generally had a good reputation.

Don't fear the frontier – Franklin Templeton makes case for emerging markets 03/09/2014
While investments in emerging and frontier markets offer high relative growth potential, they carry many risks, and only very experienced firms can provide investors with some comfort when dealing with volatile developing countries. Franklin Templeton Investments, which was one of the first companies to offer emerging market funds to retail investors over 20 years ago, is among these firms.

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