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Question marks over Hong Kong's future as private banking centre as protests mount 29/09/2014
The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, which are paralysing the central business district of the city, are raising fears over its future as a private banking centre.

Bill Gross and the risks posed by superstar managers 29/09/2014
With around $2 trillion of assets under of management Newport Beach, California-based PIMCO is one of the biggest fund managers of the world. It is almost certainly the biggest fixed-income manager in the world, an area in which has specialised since its establishment in 1971.

ABN Amro's call on emerging markets 'in some ways contrarian' – CIO interview 29/09/2014
ABN Amro is very positive on emerging markets, tactically using market fears as a trigger to re-enter, Didier Duret, chief investment officer of ABN Amro Private Banking, told thewealthnet.

How do clients fit into the merger and acquisition equation? 26/09/2014
Merger and acquisition (M&A) is a fact of modern economic life. But its effects on customers and clients often appear to be overlooked.

The return of mansion tax madness 24/09/2014
Scottish devolution may yet pose more problems for UK politicians. This will be especially the case if the increased powers promised to Scotland resurrect, or require a solution to, the “West Lothian Question”, the continued ability of Scottish Members of Parliament to vote on legislation that covers only England.

Does new chief executive open a new chapter for Barclays Wealth & Investment Management? 23/09/2014
Barclays Wealth and Investment Management (BWIM) has experienced a torrid time in recent months, at least as far as news flow is concerned.

What next for the UK after Scotland rejects independence? 19/09/2014
Markets may heave a collective sigh of relief after Scotland rejected independence in the referendum held on 18 September. But it is unlikely that business will return to normal, at least as far as the relationships between the constituent parts of the United Kingdom are concerned. The UK government’s decision to sanction a Scottish referendum released a devolution genie out of the bottle. And notwithstanding the Scottish rejection of independence it will not be recaptured soon.

EXCLUSIVE: Line between discretionary clients and DIY investors increasingly becoming blurred, Adam Seale, chief executive of Interactive Investor tells the 2014 PAM Annual CEO Dinner 19/09/2014
The lines between traditional discretionary or advisory wealth management and self directed, or DIY investors, will become less clear as clients are increasingly managing a portion of their wealth themselves, diners at the 2014 PAM Annual CEO Dinner (16/09/2014) were told by Adam Seale, chief executive of Interactive Investor, a self directed investment offering.

Scots banking and financial innovation for ever! 18/09/2014
One of the many factors overlooked in the debate on Scottish independence is Scotland’s pioneering contributions to modern life in general, and banking and finance in particular, and the role of the Act of Union of 1707 and its aftermath as a catalyst.

EXCLUSIVE: Getting suitability right means getting buy in from all staff, Brent Randall of Wealth Dynamix tells 2014 PAM Annual CEO Dinner 18/09/2014
Suitability is an issue that no wealth management firm can ignore, but it in order for a firm to succeed it needs to ensure there is “bottom up” commitment to the concept, Brent Randall, chief operating officer of Wealth Dynamix, a wealth management software firm, told diners at the 2014 PAM Annual CEO Dinner.

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