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UK private banks cut headcount significantly during 2014 02/07/2015
It is often assumed that cost inflation is an endemic feature of the UK wealth management sector. But this is not necessarily the case, at least according to the latest data released by ComPeer, a London-based research company that focuses on the sector.

Forget Greece - inflation is the long term concern, says Cazenove CIO 02/07/2015
While markets are focused on the fall-out – or otherwise – from Greece exiting the Eurozone, Richard Jeffrey believes that a greater long-term risk may be inflation. Cazenove’s chief investment officer suggests that inflation remains the one risk poorly factored into market prices, and yet with the Eurozone in recovery, some pick up in inflation is likely.

So where is the next Black Swan? 01/07/2015
The financial media, along with analysts and spokespeople employed by wealth and investment management firms have cranked up the volume of noise over the past week or so concerning the latest developments in the ongoing tragedy that is Greece (see, for example, thewealthnet 30/06/2015 and 29/06/2015). As is so often the case, however, noise, which typically has low or zero informational content can often obliterate genuine signals that have high information content.

Why the obsession with assets under management? 30/06/2015
Assets under management is the metric most often used to size both its individual components and the wealth management sector in aggregate. Indeed it sometimes seems given analysts and commentators obsession with this metric that the wealth management sector is concerned with little else.

2014: Not such an outstanding year for the UK wealth management sector after all 25/06/2015
A detailed breakdown of aggregated data usually tends to provide a much more nuanced picture than that initially suggested by the headline figures. And this is the case with the performance of the UK wealth management sector during 2014, at least according to the more detailed data released by ComPeer, a London-based research firm, as part of their annual review of the sector.

EXCLUSIVE: Do not ignore social media or that your advisers are already using it, Abhay Rajaram of Hearsay Social, warns diners at the PAM Annual Marketing Dinner 24/06/2015
Wealth managers are in danger of “digital Darwinism” as clients’ acceptance of social media outpaces firms’ adoption of it due to compliance concerns, Abhay Rajaram, vice president of customer success at Hearsay Social, told diners at the PAM Annual Marketing Dinner. Another danger is that individuals within the firm have already accepted these channels.

Beware of journalists bearing forecasts 24/06/2015
It often seems that the number of economic, financial and wealth management forecasts is increasing at an exponential rate, especially at this time of year. Rarely a day goes by without at least half a dozen analysts’, economists’ or media companies’ forecasts landing in the email inbox. June is an especially busy month. In addition to a plethora of investment outlooks for the second half of the year June normally marks the peak of the publication of global wealth reports, replete with forecasts about the future growth of the richerati and their assets.

Grexit and US interest rate hikes: What a yawn! 23/06/2015
Rumours that a deal is imminent between Greece and its creditors gave global stock markets a significant and welcome boost on 21 June and helped to recoup some of the losses sustained over the past month.

Coutts sticks to 'value and contrarian' approach, says CIO 23/06/2015
Coutts’ natural ‘value and contrarian’ investment approach has seen it delve into Russian bonds and equities in recent months, alongside long-dated peripheral European bonds. Chief investment officer Alan Higgins says this is partly a reflection of the group’s ongoing discomfort with conventional fixed income. He says that while US rates may not rise until later this year and UK rates until 2016, gilts and treasuries may come under pressure ahead of time.

Winners and finalists outline shortcomings and strategies for success at the inaugural PAM Awards Roadshow 22/06/2015
Long-term goals, award-winning strategies and contrary market forecasts were just some of the topics under discussion when a trio of winners and finalists from this year’s PAM Awards addressed an audience of private client practitioners at the inaugural PAM Awards Roadshow last week (15/06/2015).

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