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So who manages the wealth of the constituents of the Sunday Times Rich List 2015? 08:02 GMT
No surprise that the numbers and wealth of the UK richerati, as adumbrated by the Sunday Times’ Rich List 2015, increased once again during 2014 given the relentless upward march of asset prices experienced over the past six years. Nor that the richerati are significantly wealthier than they were before 2008’s near financial meltdown.

Can Desperate Dan save Katherine the Great? 08:02 GMT
Life has turned out to be anything but quiet for Katherine Garrett-Cox, the chief investment officer of Alliance Trust, a big self-managed listed close-ended investment company based in Dundee Scotland, with assets under management of around £3.6 billion.

Healthcare – still a chance to make healthy returns 23/04/2015
The healthcare sector has been on a tear: A heady combination of merger and acquisition activity, drug discovery and favourable demographics have seen the sector outstrip almost every other over the past five years. But now questions are being raised over valuations and investors fear a 2000-style crash. Can the healthcare sector make progress from here?

Competition, private/family offices and the upper echelon of the UK wealth management market 22/04/2015
“Most of us would have thought ten years ago that by now the private client world would be dominated by firms like ours, but it’s actually shrunk,” Guy Paterson, a partner at London-based Stanhope Capital told thewealthnet in an interview that coincided with the tenth anniversary of the partnership’s launch (see thewealthnet 20/04/2015) . “Four of our competitors have merged in the last year, which I think must be telling us something.”

Investec W&I on Europe's turning tide and next steps for the US 21/04/2015
Last year’s European headwinds are now reversing into supportive tailwinds, according to Investec Wealth & Investment.

Neil Woodford and the curse of too much capital 21/04/2015
Given the reputation of Neil Woodford, one of the UK’s most successful and best known investment managers, there is always a likelihood that any new launch or venture associated with him will attract huge amounts of capital.

Should UK policymakers have raised rates? 20/04/2015
There is increasing concern that UK policymakers may have missed the boat on raising interest rates. A number of economists have suggested that economic momentum is slowing and raising rates will be more difficult from here. They also warn that in not raising, policymakers have given themselves fewer options should growth falter once again.

RBC Wealth Management: Big but perhaps not so big after all 20/04/2015
RBC is routinely identified as one of the world’s leading wealth management firms. Most rankings will almost certainly include RBC within the ten biggest wealth management firms operating on the planet based on assets managed/and or supervised.

Stanhope Capital: Financial services need greater competition 20/04/2015
Competition is the only way to ensure that client interests remain at the core of the private client industry Stanhope Capital's Guy Paterson, tells thewealthnet.

Towry's head of investments gives Japan a little more time 17/04/2015
Towry is giving Prime Minister Shinzō Abe the benefit of the doubt in spite of his three-arrowed ‘Abenomics’ programme so far falling short of its promises.

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