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Wealth management refocus continues to pay dividends at Morgan Stanley 14:00 GMT
Wealth management appears to have a reduced profile at many banking groups in both the US and Europe. But this appears not to be the case at Morgan Stanley, which has just reported its third quarter earnings (see accompanying article).

Could insurance companies assume primacy in the UK and other wealth management markets? 08:00 GMT
The role of insurance companies, and especially life assurance firms, in the wealth management sector tends to be overlooked. “Wealth management” is often considered to be synonymous with private banking, especially at the top end of the market. As a consequence it is often assumed that banks, rather than insurance companies, have primacy in the sector.

Quilter Cheviot and Old Mutual: Second time lucky for Old Mutual? 17/10/2014
The words “deja vu” should immediately come to mind on first acquaintance with the news that Old Mutual Wealth is to acquire London-based Quilter Cheviot, at least to anyone with a reasonably long memory. For Old Mutual, if not Old Mutual Wealth, is no stranger to the UK wealth management market, especially when it comes to acquiring private client stockbrokers and investment managers at inflated prices.

Market collapse or correction: It's that old but not that familiar October feeling 17/10/2014
October and stock market collapses go together. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 occurred in October when on 28 October (Black Monday) and 29 October (Black Tuesday) the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 12 percent and 13 percent respectively. On 19 October 1987 (another “Black Monday”) the Dow plunged by 20 percent, an event replicated by major market indices around the world. More recently in 2008 the Dow fell by around 14 percent.

EXCLUSIVE: New entrants to wealth management sector likely to come from unexpected sources, Hakan Valberg of Advent Software told 2014 PAM Annual Operations Dinner 17/10/2014
New entrants to the wealth management sector are likely not to come from the traditional areas that have fed the industry in the past, according to Hakan Valberg, president of Advent Software EMEA.

EXCLUSIVE: Management information needs to inform on four key areas post-RDR, Neil Walkling of Bovill tells 2014 PAM Annual Operations Dinner 16/10/2014
In the post Retail Distribution Review (RDR) world, management information at wealth management firms must include four key areas to ensure a firm is keeping within the spirit and rules of the new regulation, Neil Walkling, consultant and conduct risk specialist at Bovill told the 2014 PAM Annual Operations Dinner earlier this week (14/10/2014)

Forget Thomas Piketty: Buy Credit Suisse 16/10/2014
With 577 pages of text and another 108 pages of notes, “contents in detail”, lists of tables and illustrations, and indexes Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” is a doorstop of a book. It is also deeply flawed. According to a number of critics, including the Financial Times’ Chris Giles and Ferdinando Giugliano (see The Financial Times, 24 May 2014), both its main conclusions and the data sources that underpin them have many shortcomings.

EXCLUSIVE: 2007 crisis taught of the need for regulation as lessons from the past were ignored, Laurens Vis of Kas Bank tells the 2014 PAM Annual Operations Dinner 15/10/2014
Regulation may be viewed by many in the financial services sector as a burden, but it is one that the system needs, according Laurens Vis, UK managing director of Kas Bank. Speaking at the 2014 PAM Annual Operations Dinner at the Goring Hotel last night (14/10/2014), Mr Vis argued that the actions of the US Federal Reserve in the years running up to 2007 had led the system into the financial crisis.

So why shouldn't senior management face gaol sentences for reckless behaviour? 13/10/2014
New UK rules designed to make senior bank executives criminally liable for failures have generated a predictable level of hot air and outrage. According to media reports, two of HSBC’s most senior executives are poised to quit as a consequence unless, of course, the regulators change their minds.

Thematic investing increasingly important – Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management 13/10/2014
Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (CGWM) has grown both organically and through M&A activity, and the firm has been working to ensure all parts of the business are working ever more closely together, with a new IT system being developed, which will be live on the first of December. In the meantime, thewealthnet spoke to Justin Oliver, investment director at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, about the firm in general and its investment perspectives.

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