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Swiss private banking sector to grow client assets and revenues by 2.8 percent per year, says new report 08:01 GMT
The Swiss private banking sector is forecast to grow client assets under management by 2.8 percent a year to 2018, according to a report produced by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) called Actively Shaping Transition - Future Prospects For Banking in Switzerland. As a consequence total client assets under management will amount to CHF 3,540 billion with annual revenues projected to come in at around CHF 30.3 billion.

Why UBS Americas is the big elephant in UBS' room 29/10/2014
It wasn’t all that long ago that the consensus amongst analysts and other experts was that UBS would (or perhaps should) sell its US wealth management operations. At the time UBS was attempting to rebuild its capital in the wake of its involvement in the US sub-prime mortgage fiasco so any proceeds from the business would be gratefully received. Moreover banks seem to have a habit of selling-off foreign assets businesses within years of acquiring them (normally at a much reduced price). Moreover, UBS Americas (the former PaineWebber) had not exactly performed well.

Dividend strategies help benefit from Asia's growth, says CIO 28/10/2014
Emerging markets fall in and out of favour with investors on a cyclical basis throughout the year, but many experts believe that Asia in particular will sustain long-term growth. Robert Horrocks, chief investment officer of Matthews Asia and portfolio manager of the Asian Growth and Income and Asia Dividend strategies spoke to thewealthnet about his long-term outlook for the Asian region.

An overlooked Coutts centennial 27/10/2014
2014 may turn out to be the year when Coutts turned its back on international expansion. But the year is of significance for two other reasons. It marks the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Angela Burdon-Coutts, one of the nineteenth century’s great philanthropists and the one hundredth anniversary of Coutts acquisition of Robarts, Lubbock & Co., the last private bank to have a seat in the London Clearing House.

Another look at St James's Place, the UK's fastest growing wealth management firm 24/10/2014
Cirencester, Gloucestershire-based St James’s Place has rapidly emerged over the past decade or so to become one of the UK’s leading wealth management firms. At the end of September it had around £48.33 billion of assets under management, a volume probably only exceeded by Barclays, Coutts and possibly HSBC.

PAM Insight Roundtable Discussion: Innovative approaches to thematic investing: navigating the way ahead 23/10/2014
On Wednesday 22 October PAM Insight (publishers of thewealthnet) co-hosted a roundtable discussion with MSCI entitled Innovative approaches to thematic investing: navigating the way ahead. Participants were Mouhammed Choukeir, chief investment officer at Kleinwort Benson; Didier Duret, chief investment officer of ABN Amro Private Banking; Stephen Jones, chief investment officer of Holbein Partners; Guy Monson, managing partner and chief investment officer of Sarasin & Partners; James Sellon, managing partner of Maseco Private Wealth; Eric Verleyen, chief investment officer of SGPB Hambros; as well as Altaf Kassam, head of equity applied research at MSCI; Baer Petit, managing director and global head of index at MSCI; and Roger Urwin, advisory director at MSCI.

Prepare for a classic nineteenth century banking panic 21/10/2014
Pessimism is hardly in short supply in the current environment, notwithstanding the efforts of the UK and US economies to reach “escape velocity”. If markets are forward looking, and the events of the past month or so are not just a transitory blip on the way to a series of new highs, it would appear that more trouble is about to hit the real economy. Deflation, or the threat of deflation, is in the air.

Wealth management refocus continues to pay dividends at Morgan Stanley 20/10/2014
Wealth management appears to have a reduced profile at many banking groups in both the US and Europe. But this appears not to be the case at Morgan Stanley, which has just reported its third quarter earnings (see accompanying article).

Could insurance companies assume primacy in the UK and other wealth management markets? 20/10/2014
The role of insurance companies, and especially life assurance firms, in the wealth management sector tends to be overlooked. “Wealth management” is often considered to be synonymous with private banking, especially at the top end of the market. As a consequence it is often assumed that banks, rather than insurance companies, have primacy in the sector.

Quilter Cheviot and Old Mutual: Second time lucky for Old Mutual? 17/10/2014
The words “deja vu” should immediately come to mind on first acquaintance with the news that Old Mutual Wealth is to acquire London-based Quilter Cheviot, at least to anyone with a reasonably long memory. For Old Mutual, if not Old Mutual Wealth, is no stranger to the UK wealth management market, especially when it comes to acquiring private client stockbrokers and investment managers at inflated prices.

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