Lombard Odier to host conference in the virtual world
06/08/2014 by: News Team

While some private bankers balk at "email" Lombard Odier is to offer clients the opportunity to interact as avatars in its second virtual financial fair to private investors.

Following the success of the first ever online trade fair for independent finance experts in October 2013 (see thewealthnet 11/09/2013), Lombard Odier will host the second E-MERGING Virtual FinFair 2014 again in September. This time the fair will take place over two days, with 24 September for professional delegates and 25 September for private investors.

The 3D online environment allows visitors, represented by their avatars, to attend live stream presentations, browse exhibitors’ booths, swap business cards, make Skype calls or chat with other participants and interact with speakers, all from the comfort of their desks.

Open to Lombard Odier's E-MERGING’s online network of 1,038 member firms and their 15,106 staff - as well as exhibitors’ guests and to sponsors - this virtual financial hub will allow private investors, independent portfolio managers, banking and insurance consultants, asset managers and other financial professionals hear about investment opportunities, market trends and innovations; and also to interact with their peers in the investment world.

“Virtual FinFair” is 3D will be held in partnership with the Swiss investment trade fair anlagewelt.ch.

Olivier Collombin, head of independent asset managers for private banking at Lombard Odier, who founded and heads E-MERGING, said: “Virtual fairs are a trend for the future. We’re pleased to bring together our growing network in an event with such global scope. This is an ideal environment for professionals to make new contacts, develop business leads and exchange ideas.”

Last year, the event attracted 33 exhibitors and over 600 avatars from 30 countries during a period of 13 hours – with average time spent in the FinFair of 3 hours and 40 minutes. Participants exchanged 5400 business cards and 4000 messages or Skype conversations.

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