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Why Brown Shipley may not want a 'doctor in the house'
06/10/2017 , Freddie Pooter

All of us have on occasion had spats with clients over the handling of their portfolios.  Why, sometimes these turn into blazing rows and, luckily rarely, even the lawyers got involved, as in the case of the infamous AIG Premier bonds of a few years ago.  The lawyers earned lots of airmiles from this celebrated case as the mills of justice ground away slowly.

But, I say, attempted murder of your adviser? Surely, rather extreme, even for a client holding split-caps.

But we learn that a married family GP has been accused of hiring a hitman to kill a Brown Shipley financial adviser, having first threatened him with repeated emails and texts.

Dr David Crichton, 63, is alleged to have plotted the killing of Andrew Bolden from his luxury home on 26 February in Bournemouth this year. Prosecutors allege he “solicited, encouraged, persuaded or endeavoured to persuade or proposed to a person unknown'” to murder the finance expert.

Dr Crichton, with his long history of being a respected GP has also been charged with sending threatening e-mails and text messages to Mr Bolden over a nine-month period

At Brown Shipley, Mr Bolden was described as specialising in the medical profession, proffering advice on pensions, tax and investments to the sawbones.

Mr Crichton has appeared before magistrates to answer the allegations. He did not enter a plea at the brief hearing. His case was adjourned to Bournemouth Crown Court for a plea and trial preparation hearing later in October.

The accused has been released on bail on the condition that he doesn't contact Mr Bolden or the employees of Brown Shipley Financial Advisers directly or indirectly.

The outcome of the case will be interesting, not least because it perhaps will bring a whole new aspect to ‘Know your Customer’.

*We must deplore an outbreak of silly schoolboy humour among chums over the appointment of the former RAC chief executive Chris Woodhouse as chief executive of Tilney. Examples of these appalling excuses for humour include the claim that ‘Tilney will be offering free roadside rescue with its discretionary portfolios by 2018...’

But our truly naff joke of the week comes from a Kleinwort Benson pal:  What did the Mexican reply when asked why he threw his wife off a cliff? Tee-quilla…

Pip pip

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